Wedding Sneak Peek

I inevitably fall in love with most of my wedding clients, but military weddings in particular, hold a special place in my heart!  I just don’t know what it is, but those are the ONLY weddings I cry at. You would think I’ve done this enough times not to get too emotionally invested,  but throw that man in a uniform and come “vows” and “speeches”, you can find me shamefully crying behind the camera.  We don’t typically get to see the bride and groom “cross the threshold”, so we all waited *nervously* hoping he wouldn’t just walk into the honeymoon suite after exiting the reception, and forget the best thing about actually HAVING a honeymoon suite (from a females perspective I suppose)!   

He didn’t let us down.  
I guess I should have known better.  

He is a MARINE after all.  

Way to go kid.  🙂
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