When should I book my session?

We love big bellies at TKP!  32+ weeks is what we recommend but every pregnancy is different and the most important thing is to ensure you feel fabulous with your new baby curves.  Contact us so we can discuss the best time for you to come in.  The earlier you book your appointment, the better, as things can get pretty busy in your 3rd trimester.  If you haven’t had time to book in advance that’s ok, we have photographed belly sessions all the way up to a new moms due date.

I’m not feeling awesome about this baby weight.  I’m worried how I’ll look in photos.  Should I still come in for a session?

Yes!  It’s normal to be a little nervous before any photo shoot.  Your baby belly is absolutely beautiful and we have the tools and experience to photograph you in the all the right ways.  We will coach you throughout your session to ensure your poses are always flattering and accentuating all the right curves in all the right places.

Where will my session take place?

Maternity sessions take place in the studio or out on location.  Depending upon the type of session we decide works best for you, we might want 100% privacy for those ‘nothing showing’ nudes or a more relaxed session outdoors at the beach.

What should I wear?

We love anything that really shows off the belly.  The tighter the better.  Loose fitting tops can really hide the belly although it might not feel like it, the camera ‘sees’ things a little differently.   A tight fitted dress or tank top looks great under a more loose fitting, chunky knit sweater that opens in the front or paired with a flowy romantic skirt.   We like our ladies super feminine, but be sure that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.  Photos always look the best when you love what you have on. Lingerie, lace, and anything silk chiffon looks beautiful in photos.  Don’t forget your sassy shoes and remember we have wardrobe here in the studio that can be utilized as well.

Should I bring my husband or older children?

If you are interested in incorporating husbands and soon to be big brothers and sisters, please contact the studio to discuss the options for family sessions.

How can I prepare for my session?

We highly recommend having your hair and makeup done for your maternity session especially if we are shooting in the studio.  We approach our studio maternity sessions like any other fashion shoot and you just happen to be our super model for the day.  If you are opting for a more casual session outdoors with family, then your makeup won’t need to be as heavy, but we love when our mamas take the day to feel pampered and pretty before having their photos taken.  Once you contact the studio we discuss all the details of the shoot together and ensure we have all the creative elements planned.