What is a ‘couples’ session?

A couples session is a photo shoot with two people where we document and celebrate your love! Recently engaged, just married, or just because, there is always a good reason to show the beauty between two people in love.

Where will our session take place?

Couples sessions can take place in the studio or at an offsite location like outdoors or in a chic hotel room.  We love photographing our clients in locations that are significant to them and their relationship.  If you have a secret beach you spend your summers together at, that would be a great place to have your photo shoot.   If you love spending your free time relaxing at home, that would be beautiful as well.  We love photographing couples in their natural environment.  We customize every clients shoot so the possibilities are endless.  Contact the studio to discuss the various types of shoots and all the great locations we work at.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing outfits that compliment one another without matching one another too closely.  We encourage our clients to take this opportunity to DRESS UP.  Since you’ll have an outfit change during the shoot, we recommend one more formal than the other.  We discourage clients from wearing graphic tees/bold logos/neon colors.  A good thing to remember is that anything too ‘busy/distracting’ takes the eye off of what’s happening between the couple in the photos and calls attention to the wardrobe instead.  We love our ladies to bring a great pair of heels that we can throw on for a few good shots.  If you don’t want to walk in heels for the duration of the shoot bring flats and we can tuck them in your bag when walking to and from various locations.  Always wear what you feel comfortable in.  If you are a cowgirl boots and jeans girl, then be sure to bring that along as an outfit option.  We want to show you off as a couple and represent what your relationship is all about.

How to prepare for my session?

We highly recommend having your hair and makeup done before your couples session.  We want you to feel your most beautiful and a little pampering before hand always helps get you in the mood for photos with the one person who already thinks your the most beautiful thing in the whole world.  Remember to steam/iron your garments before the shoot. Most importantly remember to have fun and don’t worry too much about anything besides the fact that you are about to have a 2 hour snuggle/love session with your best friend!  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes!  Furry family members are always welcome. depending upon the location of your choosing, dogs may not be allowed.  Be sure to mention that you will be bringing your pet and we will ensure it is at a pet friendly location.

My husband is leaving on deployment soon and we haven’t taken any photos in forever.  I know it’s last minute but can you squeeze us in?

We highly encourage couples book a session with us when your loved ones are deploying.  If can be a great comfort to have these photos while your spouse is away.  We will do our best to make ourselves available to these appointments and we encourage you to book a few months in advance if possible.  Please contact the studio and let us know your loved ones departure date so that we can work you into our schedule as soon as possible.