When will my photos be ready?

Your photos will be ready 2 weeks from when your order is placed. We offer same day ordering sessions, Ordering sessions booked at your convenience, or private online viewing galleries where your selections/Order can be made from the comfort of your home.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. We love meeting our clients friends, especially since they always want to have a shoot of their own after they see how much fun we have. We will give you tons of support and make you feel completely comfortable. Thats our job after all. We have found that when friends are left at home you can fall into your shoot more uninhibited and have less distraction. We want to focus every minute of your session time on YOU.

Do I need to do my own hair and makeup before?

We HIGHLY recommend having your makeup professionally done. We are using studio lighting which requires very different makeup from your typical day wear makeup. We have makeup artists on site that are wonderful and know all the secrets to making you look fabulous on your shoot day. If you would like to book with the makeup artist just let us know and we will book your appointment one hour prior to your shoot time. We do not offer hair services at the studio at this time, but we recommend BIG loose hair ( Victorias Secret hair ) that has some movement and allows us to get creative.

Should I spray tan before my session?

We do not recommend spray tans. We work hard to perfect skin tones during the post production of your photos and a spray tan just doesn’t seem to look natural. If you have a personal air brusher who you see, that has done your tan before with good results then that is always an option, but we are not responsible for making adjustments in photoshop to ‘tan lines‘. i.e. Orange feet, orange hands, splotchiness. We too have experienced the perks & drawbacks of sunless tanners So we totally understand. we are UV conscious goddesses, so we don’t expect you to hit the beach with your tanning oil either. You’re skin will be beautiful in it’s natural color. We promise.

Is there parking when I arrive the day of my shoot?

Yes! We have plenty of street parking outside our space and parking is free.

What should I wear to my shoot before hand?

Wear comfy, loose fitting clothing. If you are going to be in the makeup chair for an hour we want you to be comfortable & we also want to prevent red lines caused by tight bra straps, tight jean inseams, etc, so that when we are ready to photograph you those lines don’t show up in your photos.

Will you Photoshop me/edit my photos?

Our final product photos are airbrushed to remove any imperfections and smooth out the skin. So don’t worry about any little things that you might be self conscious about. We are our own worst critic ladies! We can discuss it the day of your shoot. We want you to look like you, but like you landed the centerfold of a magazine and have never ever felt sexier you! We will never change your body to be a shape/size that you are not. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Will anyone else see my photos?

We are an all female staff at Tatum Kathleen photography. We will NEVER share your photos without your permission. We erase all client images after 30 days to ensure that once you have your products, that your privacy is maintained by not storing the images long term. All of the women on this site are regular people just like you and I, who agreed to share their images to inspire and encourage other women, like themselves, to participate in the magical empowering experience that is boudoir photography.

Can we take the photos at my house or another location?

We photograph women everywhere! Some of our favorite sessions are when we can incorporate things from a clients personal Life, like their own bedroom, husbands car, Kitchen, Pets, etc. We also love photographing our clients in hotel rooms and at the beach. On location fees apply for anywhere outside the studio but it is definitely something we highly recommend if you are feeling inspired so just email us and we can chat about the details.

Do you offer military discounts?

As a military community member and lifelong military ‘brat’ we offer a 10% military discount off of our sessions fees. We offer a few other alternatives for our military folks since you may not be able to ship a nice album overseas depending upon where your loved one may be stationed. Email us! We love customizing packages for clients to meet your unique individual needs.

We believe there is no better gift than a care package sent overseas to your soldier. We are proud to offer packages that meet your needs and let your soldier know whats waiting for him back at home. Learn more.